Position Title: Sales Representative

Position Description:

The Sales Representative will:

Report directly to the Vice President of Sales.  Provide vital sales administrative support to global sales team. Work independently, use independent judgement, and initiative with minimal direction. Provide customer service and build business relationships with customers, internal leaders, external partners, and vendors. Process customer orders and delivery. Track inventory of spawn and related products, record incoming products, sales, transfers and discards into the appropriate systems.  Track inventory with purchase and sale of resale products and monitoring of pesticide permits. Coordinate sales schedules, distribute important documents and communicate relevant information.  Assist other sales reps as needed. Respond to customer complaints and provide support when requested. Monitor and report the activities of outside consultants, to include review of expense reports and hours, etc.  Assist with Sales & Product Statistical Data.  Compile reports in support of the sales team.  Collate field trial data for new products and distributing information to the appropriate individuals. Assist with marketing and advertising campaigns, maintaining promotional materials inventory, and assist with trade shows and workshops to increase sales volumes.  Monitor company’s social media inquiries and refer to the appropriate individuals for response.

Requirements: The job requirements for the Sales Representative position are a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or a related degree (Foreign Degree Equivalency accepted), 24 months as a Sales Representative or related, which must include working with international sales, import/export documentation. Knowledge of international sales. Excellent customer service and relations skills. Able to independently problem solve and work at fast pace. Must have experience with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint; desktop publishing, accounting software.

Location: Sylvan America, Inc., 652 W South Street, Kennett Square, PA 19348-3417.   

Apply:  Please apply by mail with cover letter and resume and send to: David Miller. Sylvan America, Inc., 652 W South Street, Kennett Square, PA 19348-3417.