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Quality Assurance

Sylvan’s dedicated quality assurance teams are responsible for continually testing and verifying the viability of our products. Sylvan checks every mother culture and every batch of inoculum before production of the final product.

Our quality assurance programs use the collective expertise of our production, research and technical service teams to provide a fully traceable Quality system. Sylvan customers can expect that the products they purchase have been evaluated in the context of the most comprehensive quality assurance program in the industry, thereby delivering reliable and predictable results every single time.

Strain Maintenance

Sylvan has two dedicated strain maintenance laboratories, located in Kittanning, USA and Langeais, France, which independently house all our genetic material.

The procedures at these two facilities have been developed through many years of trials, experimentation and a dedication to the achievement of excellence to ensure product integrity. During the last 65 years, the technology has evolved through the shared experiences of the Hauser, Somycel, International and Swayne teams to encourage further advances in the science of strain maintenance, inoculum production, spawn making and microbial systems on solid substrates.

Inoculum Production

Sylvan has also developed the industry’s most advanced system for inoculum production which further safeguards the integrity of all our products.

We operate two dedicated inoculum facilities which are fully separate from spawn production plants. These labs supply our spawn factories across the globe with the most rigorously tested base material in the industry. Full traceability systems ensure that different inoculum batches and strain series are delivered in strict accordance with our risk mitigation policies, thereby further eliminating risk exposure to the growers.

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