Loyalty, integrity
and a passion
for quality

Meet the Sylvan team 

A great business is built by great people. We see this every day at our customers, but importantly we see this here at Sylvan.

Our commitment to excellence extends across our entire business. You don’t become the global leader, and remain the global leader for more than 25 years, without the unwavering commitment of the great people that represent our business around the world.

Our 400+ employees truly live our core values everyday: loyalty, honesty, integrity, a passion for quality, commitment to innovation and a true focus on our customers’ needs. These values run deep in every single one of us.

It is thanks to our people that we continue to cultivate excellence for our clients every day. So take a moment to get to know our team and tell us what we can do for you!

Grower Support

When growing your business, it helps to share ideas and collaborate with others for honest feedback.

With decades of mushroom growing experience, our global Grower Support Team is trained to support your efforts in maximising yields and crop profits. Our international group of experts is available to assist Sylvan growers with advice and support, whenever and wherever required.

Due to our global presence, we have the most current understanding of challenges and issues facing our industry. We can tap into our expansive network of Sylvan specialists, around the clock, to ensure your questions are answered accurately.

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Customer Service

Sylvan knows that mushroom growing is an around the clock, 365 days a year job. We are here for you throughout the growing and harvesting process to support the production of the best mushrooms possible for your customers.

Our Customer Service Team know our products inside and out and are available to answer any questions you might have.

Whether you need a quick delivery, extra product or have any question at all, our global customer service team are here for you.


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