Consistent results
through analysis
and on-site
discussion with
our experts

Composting Support

Producing high quality mushroom compost requires tremendous skill, but doing so consistently over time is the real challenge. Compost performance is influenced by many variables in the process; no two composting facilities are the same; no two sources of straw and raw materials are the same. Yet compost makers are under constant pressure to deliver the highest possible quality, load after load, while maximising financial returns to their growers.

This is where we can help.

We believe it starts with reviewing the data and anticipating where variances will occur next. Predicting the variables across the many compositing process steps and raw materials in a large-scale production environment is the key to consistent results.

Even the most experienced compost makers will benefit from the discussion and sharing industry best practices to challenge their standards.  Our hands on, one-day composting consultancy sessions are developed for experienced mushroom compost operators who feel that good is just not good enough! If you are looking to raise the bar, the experts at Sylvan are available to share their knowledge and challenge the critical processes in your operations.

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