The Dennis C. Zensen Campus in Huai’An, Jiangsu Province, China

The Dennis C. Zensen Campus in Huai’An, Jiangsu Province, China

Sylvan International Biotechnology Ltd. is pleased to announce that their newest spawn factory, commissioned as the Dennis C. Zensen Campus, located in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province in China, has begun operations as of January and was officially opened in April of 2022. The factory joins Sylvan’s ranks as number 8, along with factories in Holland, France, Hungary, the United States (2), South Africa and Australia. It will serve the mushroom growing communities in the Asia Pacific region.

The construction project was begun at the outset of the Covid pandemic and was more than two years in the making due to travel restrictions, equipment delays and construction challenges. Perseverance eventually resulted in completion of the project and the factory is now producing for local Chinese growers, meeting the longstanding needs of the domestic industry for local supply of high-quality spawn.

The factory design allows for three of Sylvan’s “V Blenders”, similar to those used in 6 of the 7 existing factories. This will facilitate the production of significant quantities of spawn. The factory itself houses the production equipment, labs and canteen under 8,125 square meters (85,000 square feet). There has been a separate provision for employee housing. Future development on the site will include an R&D complex.

The completion of this project holds special meaning for Sylvan’s employees across the globe. The factory embodies the pioneering spirit of Sylvan’s founder, Mr. Dennis C. Zensen, who chartered the course for the company 43 years ago. Dennis passed away in September of 2020 and is survived by his wife, Carol. However his influences are still felt within our ranks and accordingly, it is our distinct honor to commission our newest
project in honor of his legacy.

Celebrating this momentous milestone for the Sylvan Group of companies I would like to congratulate all of our local and global colleagues involved in the construction and start-up and thank our clients in China for the continued trust they put in our team and our products every day.

Yours sincerely,
Jackie Qi
CEO Sylvan Group