Disease Control

Disease Control

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Sylvan is proud to be a supplier of the world’s most renowned disease control products that will help your crops reach their full potential. Mushroom crops can be especially vulnerable to attacks from insects and competing fungi. Sylvan has partnered with companies like BASF, Bayer and Syngenta to develop safe and environmentally friendly products, including bio insecticides and bio fungicides.


A fungicide to fight mushroom blight cobweb mould. Vivando is based on the mildewcide metrafenone and has been approved for use at the start of yield on the casing soil used to grow mushrooms. While cobweb is usually an infrequent it is proven to be an aggressive competitor when well-established. Many broad-spectrum fungicides are less effective on this pathogen.

Cobweb mould can be recognised by the circular patches of cottony white cobweb that develop on the casing layer, is caused by Dactylium dendrites mildew. It causes mushrooms to discolour and can cause rot, decreasing saleable yields. Under high humidity and temperature used in mushroom production, the disease can grow very rapidly, from one to two centimetres a day making it important to treat it promptly.

Recommended application: Once registered for use in North America, the label calls for a single use at least 10 days before harvest. Please always follow label directions in your country.

Zivion M

Zivion M is a new biological control agent used to suppress the developing Dry Bubble disease (Verticillium fungicola) in mushroom production. Zivion ™ M has a unique action mechanism that binds to the outside of spores and growing cells, preventing spores from germinating while also killing the growing cells. Zivion ™ M stays on the surface and remains active on the treated area for prolonged periods, increasing your levels of crop protection.

Zivion ™ M has already proven to be a superior control agent when compared to many pesticides such as Thiabendazole and Chlorothalonil. It is very unlikely resistance will be a future issue with Zivion ™ M due to its mode of action.

Growers are enthusiastic about the non-chemical, organic agent for Dry Bubble control, as they seek “Safe Food” options for their pest management strategies. Compared to other fungicides, Zivion ™ M provides better disease control naturally, which results in higher yields and bigger, firmer mushrooms on a higher density bed.

Recommended application: Recommended application is directly after casing. Later applications vary based on country registration but can be 10 days after casing and in some cases between flushes. The label usually gives a 6 Hour pre-harvest interval (PHI). Please always follow label directions in your country.


Sporgon is a broad-spectrum protectant and eradicant fungicide for the control of Verticilium (dry bubble), Mycogone (wet bubble) and Cladobotryum (Dactylim). Sporgon is a wettable powder containing 46% w/w prochloraz which is an imidazole fungicide. Sporgon 50WP is recommended as a casing treatment.

Recommended application: It is used as a casing or post casing drench at 120 gm (4oz)/100 m2.  Follow label directions for dose instructions or contact your Sylvan consultant for additional informationPlease always follow label directions in your country.

Serifel M

Serifel M is a new bio fungicide developed for use on mushroom crops for the control of Trichoderma aggressivum (Green Mould). The active ingredient is the spore forming bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. It has a multi-site mode of action including production of antifungal metabolites that prevent pathogen hyphal growth and spore germination. It also functions by excluding fungal pathogens from physical growth while inhibiting the pathogen’s use of host food resources. In addition to its use for controlling Green Mould infestations, Serifel M is currently under study for control of Dry Bubble (Verticillium). Serifel M is OMRI certified for organic use in North America.

Recommended application: Application timing of Serifel M can be used as a drench at casing, or as a coating for mushroom spawn and casing inoculum. Trials have shown less efficacy when used as a drench at casing and much improved efficacy when used as a coating material for spawn and casing inoculum. Please always follow label directions in your country.


Jazz is a preventive multi -site biological control agent used against the Trichoderma (Green Mould) disease. The active organisms in Jazz are dried cells of the naturally occurring bacteria Bacillus Subtilis. Jazz prevents pathogen germination at the first control site. If the pathogen spore germinates and grows, antifungal lipopeptides specific to the Bacillus bacteria in Jazz, cause ruptures to occur in the Trichoderma cell membranes, destroying the ability to grow, mature and propagate. For use in North America, Jazz has received the OMRI Certification for organic production.

Recommended application: Jazz can be applied as a drench to mushroom beds at casing. However, the disease can be well established by this time making control difficult. The recommended technique is to blend Jazz with a high-quality lime or gypsum and add this mixture as a coating to both spawn kernels and supplement. The technique has proven to give much better control. The blended Jazz used as a coating to spawn and supplement places the biological control properties right at the site of pathogen germination and invasion. The label gives a 4-hour re-enter interval (REI) and 0 Day pre-harvest interval (PHI). Please always follow label directions in your country.