Grain Spawns

Grain Spawns


A key member of the Sylvan team for many years, Dr. James Sinden first patented the use of cereal grains to produce high quality mushroom spawns in 1932. Since then, Sylvan has been sourcing and utilizing the highest quality Rye in the production of spawn for growers who wish to grow using this traditional starting material.  Rye grains offer growers an ample carbohydrate reservoir in a uniform sized carrier, while still providing a sufficient number of inoculation points within the compost matrix to insure proper colonization. The combination of size and nutritional composition make rye based spawns an ideal choice for use in compost where a more resilient spawn product is desired.


Growers who seek the advantages of a grain based carrier but wish to improve the distribution of the spawn within their growing substrate may find a millet based spawn the ideal solution. Sylvan contracts its millet supply from farmers in both North America and Europe in order to insure the highest quality materials go into its production process. Significantly smaller in size than rye, with a harder outer shell, millet spawn offers growers a product with greater points of inoculation within the substrate leading to more rapid, uniform colonization. With a slightly lower carbohydrate profile, millet is also less susceptible to damage from many nuisance molds often encountered during the cropping cycle.