Pest and Disease- Free Cultivation

Pest and Disease- Free Cultivation

Harmful organisms such as infections and flies appear in larger numbers as commercial cultivation expands, reducing productivity. Chemical control is limited in licensed, reliable products as is the availability of consistent bio products.  

Due to the limited chemical protection available, hygiene protocols are the primary solution to reducing pathogens and increasing valuable yields. 

To better combat the pathogens, we must understand them better. As we recognize pathogens functionality it is easier to remove them from cultivation. 

During the workshop, our experts will review the following: 

  • How do harmful pathogens spread? 
  • What are critical points during filling, growing and emptying? 
  • How do we recognize harmful pathogens? 
  • How do we reduce infection spreading? 
  • How do we protect our culture? 
  • What type of intervention is needed and when? 

These questions and more will be explored in the workshop for Pest & Disease-Free Cultivation. 

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