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Nemasys M

Nemasys M is an advanced biological control for the Sciarid mushroom fly. The active organism is the naturally occurring inspect parasite nematode Steinernema Feltiae that actively seeks out and destroys fly larvae in the casing soil and upper layers of the compost. These aggressive organisms attack sciarid larvae by entering their natural body openings.


  • Natural product, non-toxic and safe for users, consumers and the environment
  • Simple application that quickly controls pest larvae
  • Effective for up to 6 weeks
  • No reductions in crop yields

Nemasys M is a entomopathogenic nematode bio pesticide that “naturally” helps control one of the most damaging pests in the mushroom industry, the sciarid fly. Using a nematode, Steinernema Feltiae, BASF produces the Nemasys M using liquid fermentation methods that actively seek out and kill the fly in vitro. The nematodes are placed in trays contacting specialized ingredient or carriers that help maintain their population until they are needed. When mixed with water and applied to the casing layer, the nematodes will enter the sciarid larvae. Once inside the insect, the nematode emits a lethal bacterium to quickly kill the larvae.

During fly infestation, a double application is recommended, once at casing and again around Day 10 after casing. Use rates for the nematodes are 2 million nematodes for one m2 per two applications. This rate can be lowered when used solely as a preventative application. The sciarid mushroom fly cannot develop a resistance to the parasitic nematode.

Nemasys M comes packaged in quantities ranging from 150 million to 250 million per packages as requested by you and your Sylvan representative. Packages require refrigeration and can safety be stored with spawn and casing inoculum for 6-8 weeks. Nemasys M can be used at any time during the cropping cycle. There are no re-entry interval restrictions or pre-harvest intervals (PHI) after application. Common control rates have been rated at 90%+.

Sylvan and BASF are working together to offer mushroom growers highly effective biological solutions for sciarid fly control. We believe that the future of pest and disease control firmly lays with natural non-chemical solutions and we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve success using safe and natural alternatives.

Mushroom growers, with the assistance of their Sylvan representative, can work together to plan a strategy that can incorporate Nemasys M into their Integrated Pest Management program.


The active ingredient, Cyromazine, in Armor has been the standard for sciarid fly larvae control for over two decades. This insecticide belongs to the specific class of chemical known as Insect Growth Regulator. It is not a broad-spectrum pesticide and therefore is much safer to use. Armor has two specific characteristics that set it apart from several other IDRs on the market. First, Armor’s specific mode of action is to interrupt the molting cycle of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Instar larval stages preventing development into the pupal and adult stages. Other IGRs for sciarid fly control only affect molting in one instar stage making it less affective. Second, Cyromazine is heat tolerant making application timing more versatile from Phase 1 to Phase II compost use to watering it on a casing time as a drench. Other IGRs are restricted to casing use only. Armor, manufacture by Adama, has also proven to have much more reliable use history due to its stringent production process as compared to other generic manufacturers of Cyromazine on the market.


Alpine is a broad-spectrum insecticide for use in controlling adult mushroom flies as well as nuisance flies. It is a premise spray or non-production surface treatment for walls, doors, vents, etc. As a surface treatment, it dries clear and without odor. Alpine acts as a bait to attract the adult fly and then kill it in seconds. Alpine is versatile. The liberal label allows for use indoors, outdoors, residential and commercial. It has a common use for treating nonfood surfaces in restaurants and kitchens such as walls, ceilings and windows. Alpine comes as water soluble granule or as a pressurized spray.