A wide range of growth supplements

MCSubstradd® comprises a large range of supplements for the growth of mushrooms, specially made of high quality proteins with the nutritional value perfectly matching the requirements of the mushrooms.

  • MCS NA 46-1 6.0 This is a mid range protein designed to be used primarily at spawning at recommended usage rates of up to 5% of calculated dry weight. It contains 6000 PPM of formaldehyde, a range of base minerals and vitamins and a small percentage of animal based proteins.
  • MCS NA 50-1 4.5 A high range soy and featermeal protein product designed to be used at either Phase II or Phase III. Its recommended usage rate is 3-5% of calculated dry weight. It contains 4500 ppm of formaldehyde and contains a range of base minerals.
  • MCS NA EXTRA/USA This is a 40-42% soy based supplement designed to be used at spawning. It contains 6000 PPM of formaldehyde with base minerals and vitamins and can be used up to 5% of dry weight. It does not contain any animal proteins.
  • MCS KS Treated with ECOPRO Coating, this formula stimulates quick and strong mycelium growth and supports the breakdown of lignin through minerals. It is formulated especially for compost with lower essential carbohydrates.
  • MCS Secure  is the first of a new generation of supplements based on results from extensive NIR compost analysis.  This analysis is showing that certain proteins are more beneficial to high yields and superior quality.  Total protein is no longer the sole focus when determining what supplement best fits the customer’s needs.  MCS Secure is individually formulated for use at spawning or casing.

Produced by v. Korlaar

  • Superchamp F2/F3. Basic
  • Superchamp F2/F3 NON GMO
  • Superchamp F2/ F3 MIX P
  • Superchamp F2/F3 MIX P. NF
  • Superchamp F2/F3 MIX. V NON GMO