As part of our global growth strategy in fungal solutions, Sylvan is proud to announce the acquisition of the spawn business of GURELAN MYCELIUM in HUARTE (NAVARRA), Spain.  

Following on from our acquisition of MISPAJ MICELIOS in PRADEJON (LA RIOJA), Spain in June 2020, this new agreement allows the combined operating companies to further improve their presence and service to the Spanish mushroom industry. 

Spain is one of the largest mushroom-producing countries in Europe. Sylvan has established a strong presence across the agaricus-, pleurotus- and shiitake-spawn categories, both through organic market development and through the purchase of the Mispaj business. By joining forces with market leader Gurelan we will be able to further accelerate our growth ambitions in Spain. 

Gurelan was founded in 1963 as a Cooperative society and has established itself as the largest producer of mushroom spawn in Spain. The company is market leader in spawn for Phase 2 agaricus compost and for pasteurised pleurotus substrate and has a longstanding and loyal customer base in northern Spain and Castilla la Mancha, the key mushroom growing areas. The portfolio of strains carried by Gurelan is extensive and includes white agaricus for phase 2 compost, various pleurotus ostreatus strains as well as pulmonarius and other specialties. Gurelan will continue to offer these products in the Spanish market under the Gurelan brand as a going concern.  This announcement is an important milestone in our strategy, which targets growth through innovation (Research & Development), customer service (Crop Care) and market expansion, where possible through acquisition (M&A). With this strategy we aim to further strengthen our position as a trusted supplier in the international spawn market and provide the mushroom industry with the most advanced and highest quality products and solutions, anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sylvan Iberia or Gurelan team.

Victor Muez           (+34) 609 485   
Jorge Calvo             (+34) 622 473
Santiago Lorente  (+34) 661 829